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20 Best Rated 40-inch Tvs of May 2021

If your house cinema is on the small side or you reside in a dormitory, the best 40-inch TVs are the leading choices that offer you all of the attributes you have arrived to hope for home entertainment packed into the screen size which could not overwhelm the space. A lot of versions show updated operating systems and CPUs which make most of the new tech like AI, ultimate HDR assistance, and virtual surround sound audio to make you get a better entertaining space.

Other smart televisions from huge brands such as LG and Samsung support package with voice-enabled remotes which provide you access to built-in virtual assistants such as Google Assistant. Thus, you might get hands-free control through the new television and connected gadgets right out of the box. Those that do not connect to the external speaker for voice commands and to assist the television into the smart home network. Now, let’s check out the leading options below to realize which is better for you.

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40-Inch TVs Buying Guide

What to search for in the best 40-inch TVs?

While browsing for the best 40-inch TVs, you will need to care about everything such as screen resolution, what you will be binging on, and where you need to put it. Is this a subordinate television for some children? Are you searching for anything for an apartment?

Screen resolution

One of the most crucial items to remember during purchasing a TV of any size is the screen resolution you particularly want. The thumb’s rule for it is that the optimal watching distance for the 4K television is approximately 1.5x the screen’s size. It shows that with a 40-inch TV, you might be choosing from 40 to 60 inches, or around 5 feet away from the screen.

Any closer than that, you will realize a lot of detail, and the 4K quality can be harmful to the eyes. As the full HD is lower resolution, this distance boosts up to 2.5x factor, which shows 100 inches and around 8 feet.

So, while browsing for the best 40-inch TV, you will need to consider how far you will be sitting away from it like full HD could be more than better enough if you are not watching it from a specifically close distance. Sure, how you use it can be a factor because if you want to hook in the game console or take it as the computer monitor, you will perhaps sit close to enjoy 4K quality.

Internet speed

If you are purchasing the 4K TV to stream services such as Netflix, you will need to ensure that your house internet and Wifi connections are based on the par or you can realize yourself frustrated with the outcomes.

Streaming services operate through the Internet and pulling down the 4K UHD stream from Netflix requests about 25mbps of output so that the 4K UHD television might be a waste for streaming if you do not get a quick enough internet connection.


A lot of 40-inch televisions do a nice task of offering simulated virtual surround sound, but there is only a lot you might do with the speakers which are constructed into this TV, so customize the expectations and if you are searching for good sound, hope to invest in the soundbar or surround sound speaker system.

Crucially, do not be misled by televisions that advertise attributes such as Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, as it is not only for them to truly offer you 5.1 channel surround sound without particularly getting some speakers and the subwoofer in the room. This does not prove the sound from the 40-inch television can not be more than great enough for your demands, but there is no way it is going to make a comparison with a right 5.1 channel sound system.

So if you need a leading sound experience, you will ensure that the television you select supports the vital audio outputs to connect to the external sound system that often shows providing a digital optical output which might pass the essential encoded multi-channel audio stream for the sound system.

A wide range of smart televisions even provide Bluetooth assistance, but it could not care about the substitution for an appropriate wired audio output as you will not take around the similar audio quality through Bluetooth. Rather, that attribute is quite beneficial for hooking up the headphones’ set if you need to binge on television without interrupting the housemates.

Best 40-Inch TVs Reviews

1. SAMSUNG 40 inches LED Smart FHD TV 1080P (2019 Model)

The television-like Samsung LED Smart FHD can bring all updates with it, containing a better AI-based auto-curation attribute that makes recommended artwork from the design based on your preferences.

In spite of being well-suited for shadow room watching, this brand even brings better reflection handling and even is bright enough to defeat glare in other rooms. When it could not get the variable refresh ratio to assist like the high-end Samsung QLED, it is also a great television that might attract more players. Besides, it supports the 60Hz refresh rate, but it brings a better low input lag and the leading response time. It even consists of the Black frame insertion attribute to attempt to decrease the motion blur.

Unluckily, the picture seems washed out during binging from the side, but it is like the VA panels. Next, HDR content seems better from the leading contrast rate and huge color gamut.


  • The image quality is great.
  • It offers full high display resolution.
  • It is simple to install and use.


  • It only supports a few apps.

2. VIZIO 40-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV

The ideal 40-inch television for gaming that we have checked is the Vizio V405. It is fine with entry-level television which is available for either 43 or 40-inch size so that you might simply obtain the size which you enjoy. It is somewhat well-built and brings a pretty style with slimy bezels which might seem great for the gaming setup.

Next, it comes with a 60Hz panel so that you do not need to take the additional gaming attributes such as VRR assistance, but that is somewhat expected for that size and cost range. The input lag is particularly low, and the response time is not worse, but you can realize the motion blur. It brings the flicker-free backlight that assists in decreasing picture duplication. It is better for shadow room gaming like its outstanding contrast rate and black uniformity create deep blacks.

Apart from it, the best 40 inch tv for gaming could not do well for a better environment since it can not be bright enough to defeat glare, but it brings great reflection handling. It is even not a great option for HDR gaming since it could not display a huge color gamut and drops to make highlights pop the path the designer intended. It supports other matters upscaling lower-resolution content, such as the cable boxes, but this could not be a matter if you are experiencing full HD or 4K heavy games.


  • It supports many consoles.
  • It can be mounted on the wall easily.
  • It brings a better image.


  • This 40 inch gaming tv does not have any Bluetooth connection.

3. Hisense 40-Inch Class H4 Series LED Roku Smart TV

The Hisense Class H4 is an outstanding choice for clients searching for a tiny format tv to meet the bedroom and children’s playroom. The 40-inch screen makes 1080p for a better image whether you are binging on news or streaming for the film. The television runs on the Roku platform, offering you access to the applications and the hub menu for simple access to the playback gadgets and game consoles.

Apart from it, thanks to the Roku application, you might change the Android or iOS gadget into the voice-stimulated remote, or you could connect the television to the Google Home smart speaker for extensive voice commands. There is a dedicated game option that quickly lowers input latency and customizes the refresh ratio for real-time reactions to the button presses and to avoid screen tearing or stuttering. The integrated speakers might take DTS TruSurround tech for room-filling audio and a leading listening experience.


  • The voice controls are fabulous.
  • It provides a dedicated game mode.
  • The DTS of 40 inch tv cheap can make you impressed.


  • It does not support 4K.

4. Sceptre 40″ Class FHD (1080P) LED TV (X405BV-FSR)

Getting a television is like obtaining a smartphone. Apart from its usefulness, you are usually needing the better version and attempting to enhance to the newest one which comes out on the current market. Fortunately, there are a lot of options out there and that particularly just offers the benefit to you. Next, it is seen as a pretty fundamental flat-screen television with leading image quality and a better value for the cost.

Besides, you can grab various televisions that you place in various rooms of the house, and though the television like 40-inch Sceptre perhaps will not be your key TV, it is an outstanding option for that extra one. Moreover, it is supported with different HDMI ports and USB it brings anything needed to binge anything from the interesting gadgets.

The audio of Sceptre LED TV is even top-notch manufacturing clear and crisp sound during binging on anything from huge battle sceneries to car crash sceneries.


  • It has low power consumption.
  • The quality of dazzling color is great.
  • It offers HD video with a leading refresh ratio.


  • The sound level is low.

5. Samsung UN40EH5300 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV (2012 Model)

This Samsung UN40EH5300 television brings a pretty display which can convey vibrant colors and image around full HD. On the other hand, the glossy screen assists in providing it that additional fancy quality touch. The refresh ratio is around 60Hz so that you can feel a little drag there. Like other Samsung smart gadgets, this television supports a big cluster of applications bot installed and available to set up through the store. It has won respect when it mentions the brand.

The firmware process or menu system can run rapidly and video might be streamed without any lags. It also assists either ethernet or provides integrated Wi-fi which does lose signal or anything. This 40-inch television brings sharing of DLNA-activated gadgets.

In the back, users can realize all three HDMI inputs, either component or composite mixed input and double USB ports (one powered you need to plug in the external hard drive) for keyboards. Last but not least, it even assists digital audio-out so that you might pair it with a pretty receiver for better sound.


  • The image quality is fabulous.
  • It offers integrated Wi-fi.
  • The concept of this television is perfect.


  • Some users find it hard to access the network.


1. What could the smart TV 40-inch do?

The smart television is a machine that might connect to the internet rapidly, without the demand for the subordinate device like other products. Moreover, the smart television will even offer the clients access to different internet services and applications like social media, climate news, and internet browsers.

Other versions even provide more extra attributes like Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio connections and phones.

2. Is it worth purchasing the best 40-inch TV?

Sure, regarding whether you binge on television to keep updating with events and films, then spending on the smart television is particularly worth it. Their internet connection provides a lot of access to free or paid-for content through applications whenever you need it. If you are skeptical, read on for our research on the best 40-inch TV applications.

3. What is the cheapest 40-inch TV?

The answer to that query can be up to from time to time. Deals begin and end-all of the time – If you are looking to obtain the best deal, it could be worth chasing up the post which tracks the ideal smart 40-inch TV deals.

4. Do 40-inch televisions support Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is rapidly becoming a perfect television industry staple – even though it could not be ensured. The producer will show the attribute on their specs, but if in doubt contact the producer to dual test.

Besides, if you are not sure whether you want Bluetooth, it is worth caring about it. It is better for connecting wireless audio gadgets, getting aids, and wireless keyboards to assist with navigation.

5. Could I pair my smartphone with a 40-inch TV?

It is based on the factors, containing smartphone and television brand or version. It is super popular for smart television to be capable of pairing with a smartphone, but if in doubt contact the producer.

Google Chromecast is integrated with other smart televisions and might mirror content from either iOS or Android gadgets.

A lot of televisions arrive with an attribute called “Screen mirror” that might pair and show a phone through the smartphone-installed app. It is fabulous for enjoying images, and chats.

Closing Thoughts

Here are all the best 40-inch TVs on the current market that you need to know before making your final choice. Last but not least, if you have any queries, please make contact with us as soon as possible. Thank you so much!