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23 Best Rated 8k Tvs January 2022: Reviews by NPGTech Consumers Reports

You can hear many buzzes related to best 8K TVs, but as for the actual televisions on the current market, the selections are even a bit slim. Producers are also pumping out 4K televisions with particularly a small trick of 8K televisions coming along with them. Being claimed, the 8K televisions which are coming out are specifically something to behold. The only solution to make most of 8K is to sit close and get a huge screen, and the producers have not failed to construct nearby that second point.

The ideal 8K televisions are coming in well more than 70-inch, with others pushing toward 90-inch diagonals. Come with this size, you are even taking some of the perfect attributes which television producers provide. You will enjoy OLED displays which can provide stunning crispness, thanks to leading contrast rates, and you will seek no shortage of HDR assistance. If you are a player planning to stick with state-of-the-art gaming consoles to see what type of 8K abilities they will bring, those televisions will be available and waiting.

In short, those best 8K TVs are not highly reasonable. If your budget is not quite substantial, you can even care about other high-end 4K televisions that could not disappoint if you are not sitting unreasonably close. You might also seek great quality from other cheap 4K televisions.

Reviews from 2,068 customers. Brands in the comparison table: Elite Screens, SAMSUNG, Samsung Electronics, Sony, LG.

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Buying Guide 8k TVs

Who is producing 8K content?

8K video improvements to date might be hugely driven by filmmakers and television broadcasters. According to the video-customizing viewpoint, the high resolution might be beneficial. When filmmakers could not particularly convey the 8K movie, shooting with the leading resolution offers designers room to maneuver, permitting for zooming or cropping while even retaining the leading resolution picture. That claimed, 6K cameras are now far more prevalent as well.

In Japan, broadcasters might be experimenting with 8K television for the period. In 2015, the Japanese broadcasting company, NHK, executed a series of 8K tests. Until 2016, the plant announced it was successfully demoing 8K broadcasts. Thus, NHK has run the global first 8K TV channel. At the end of 2018, it has broadcast 8K television shows and live the 2019 Rugby World cup in 8K.

The Korean broadcasting company is even researching 8K broadcasts, operating with LG about content, displays, and more – there was an 8K test around the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. And if you were in Brazil at this moment, you have binged the 2018 World Cup in 8K.

What would you care about when purchasing the best 8K TVs?

Even though the best 8K TVs might be on the current market for the huge part of that ten years, they are even far from being hugely admitted by the mainstream. However, there is no doubt that the pictures’ quality and sound sets might surpass that of powerful full high display and 4K televisions.

The television display’s size is the initial and perhaps the most important element you might care about before you select to buy the 8K television. The distinction is the image quality from 4k to 8k TV sets is not that obvious if the display’s diagonal is short. A wide range of 8K television versions bring diagonals which vary between 60 and 100 inches. The details’ quality is quite visible as the TV increases’ size that is why you would not select 8K television versions that bring diagonals that are shorter than 80-inch.

On top of the size, you might even focus on the television’s picture processing abilities, and upscaling choices. The dynamic range makes sure that the contrast from the shadow to bright zones of the screen is going to be balanced that stimulates you to realize objects which are in the dark clearly.

In addition to that, the precision with which the 8K television depicts colors is based on its picture processing capacity so that you have to ensure that the version you are caring about might display the real colors even when enjoying demanding visual content.

The 8K upscaling choices are quite crucial since seeking the videos or games in 8K resolution is even hard, and television’s upscaling potential might bring out the visual content with low resolutions.

Best 8k TVs Reviews

1. Samsung 65-inch Class QLED Q800T Series

Samsung has created the 8K televisions’ solution, more so than with this Q800T 8K QLED. In the other words, the manufacturer released three various 8K QLEDs in 2020, rather than the usual flagship many years ago, and it shows 8K dealers get some options about how ultimate they particularly need to go.

You are even caring about specifically this product, but for the 65-inch size, you are taking another version as Q950TS – albeit from cutting some corners. It is not a bit as eye-grabbing as Samsung’s bezel-free builds, but there is no debate on the image’s power. Upscaling is even market-leading, and also high display sources seem particularly detailed on the 30 million-pixel display, even more than the Samsung’s 2019 versions.

The black level efficiency is quite hard-hitting. You will not confuse the set for the OLED, but there are even super inky blacks for the show – hugely thanks to cutting edge tech which distributes power from dimming areas to excellent control of the light’s amount coming through.

Finally, the Q800T Samsung 8k tv even supports OTS (Object tracking sound), and when it could not pack as many drivers like the Q950TS. It is even the knockout audio experience.


  • It is affordable to buy, compared to Q950TS.
  • The upscaling is excellent.
  • It offers great OTS.


  • There is no Dolby vision assistance.

2. Samsung QN75Q900RBFXZA Flat 75-Inch QLED 8K Q900 Series

Another 8K television that you should concentrate on is Samsung QN75Q900RBFXZA. In the other words, it is a fabulous 8K QLED television with better image quality. It might be bright either HDR or SDR as well. Even though it brings a VA panel, it brings huge viewing angles because of the Ultra Watching angle layer which ensures a precisive picture during binged from the side at lower contrast’s expense. In spite of the low contrast rate, shadow room efficiency is particularly improved from the super great local dimming assistance.

On top of it, it shows better high dynamic range performance and super great reflection handling. Last but not least, Q900 Series displays outstanding motion handling and a super low input lag. Moreover, just like all ultimate Samsungs in 2018, this model brings Freesync variable refresh rate assistance.


  • It provides a full array of elite backlights.
  • The quantum processor is perfect.
  • The image is well-lit
  • The audio is better.


  • The background is even fuzzy.

3. Samsung QN82Q900RBFXZA Flat Screen 82-Inch QLED 8K Q900

This tv 8k is considered a true-to-life movie experience. Sitting with the great quality which the unbelievably pretty 82-inch 8K HDR image quality can offer. If you cared about 4K being a waste, in comparison, this model is out of this globe. The QLED television’s resolution can leap to groundbreaking information. Details are quite real and incredible as if you might reach out and touch it. The better amounts of color explode from the screen or flow via the whole room as if it’s consuming you with the reality.

Next, the Quantum High dynamic range 32x is excellent at being ideal in taking an HDR of shades between high brilliance and shadow details’ thickness. Whether it is bright or shadow scene circumstances, you will see the clear clarity’s amount. The full array 16x shows areas of accuracy-controlled LEDs which come unfathomably thick blacks or offering you crisp and clearness which you might not also dream of.


  • It provides 8k AI upscaling.
  • The image is particularly amazing.
  • The user interface is a huge plus.


4. SAMSUNG 85-inch Class QLED Q900T Series

Want a particularly dazzling high dynamic range to chase up the 8K image? Then you will grab the Samsung 85-inch Q900T. It can assist HDR10 plus for an HDR which will customize scene by scene, and could even make the HDR shine on the next level with a leading brightness around 4000 nits which will shine up the room. Besides, taking the direct backlighting, this TV might even convey deep black levels even as it illuminates very bright on the other screen’s areas.

On top of it, the display of Samsung Q900T Series is one thing, but the television even makes itself apart from the pattern. It brings the delicate look, angled stand to hold up the display unit that is supported for the flat panel which measures just an inch deep and has without a bezel in sight.

If you have obtained the room for it and want the ultra-bright screen, this television is great for you.


  • 8K resolution seems fabulous.
  • The picture quality is great.
  • The Tensin AI is particularly impressive.


  • The TV speaker is not as good as you think.

5. Mirage Vision Diamond 8K QLED (1000+NITS) Outdoor TV (MV75DQ8)

It is released in the year 2020. It is precisely the same as the 8K version, except for the truth it has taken the 4K resolution, as opposed to 8K. On the other hand, this model is quite reasonable than other 8K TVs on the current market.

Next, this Mirage Vision Diamond TV is bright with 1000 nits of brightness. If you need to use this television outdoors in the full sun, or not the shade, the highest brightness is the single most crucial element to care about. Besides, this product takes the most advantage of Mirage vision outdoor tech that they call MPET. It improves image quality by customizing the contrast, color, and gamma to obtain a high-quality image for the outside conditions when the climate transforms all day. That sets them apart from the challenge, as opponent’s versions which attempt to do the same thing regularly just customize the brightness, or turn the blind eye on the gamma and contrast.


  • It offers a lot of smart features.
  • The size of the television is very huge.
  • It brings a lot more value than other 8k televisions.


  • Image needs more improvements.


1. What is the 8K television?

8K brings four times as many pixels as the 4K television. It is a jump between 8 million pixels and 33 million, and the resolution bump from 2160p to 4320p.

It creates a sharper, and clear picture. Experiencing 8K is akin to peering via the window in the clarity level it provides.

2. Is there any native 8K content to binge on?

Sure. Around the sense which 8K content might be discovered on Youtube – even though, when it seems pretty, it is particularly creatures and helicopter cities’ shots.

Another situation is No. Throughout the broadcast’s sense, physical media or content from streaming services. The problem of 8K’s content insufficiency might be brought up so often, but so as for 8K to get here, the infrastructure and client experience wants to be in place to raise demand.

3. Can I get to sit nearer the screen to take the 8K effect?

Of course. The 8K effect operates best for huge screen sizes, and it is ideal to sit closer enough so that the view’s majority can be taken up from the screen.

4. Can 8K television assist HDMI 2.1?

Yes, it could and that’s crucial as HDMI 2.1 assists leading video resolutions, or frame ratios at 8K and 60fps. The spec even assists VRR and auto low latency mode that is assisted by gaming consoles like Xbox X and PS5. The eARC is bundled out here, and with the leading bitrate which HDMI 2.1 permits for. Both DTS and Dolby might be piped via the television to the external equipment between streaming services and applications.

5. When will 8K television be reasonable?

This year will support 8K televisions that fall further. Last year, LG provided the 55-inch 8K, and we might see that coming down so far. On the other hand, 2021 might be the year in which this format comes onto the radar for a lot of television purchasers.

Closing Thoughts

The hyper-realistic pictures 8K televisions might reproduce can leave anybody breathless, as the degree of detail they choose is unprecedented. Nevertheless, the 8K cutting edge tech is even enhancing, and it is difficult to claim if it might be the industry standard in the future. The option of 8K television versions is going to keep as scarce this year as it was many years ago. Therefore, it can be a great initiative to cancel purchasing of the best 8K TVs till more versions become available at this moment.