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20 Best Rated Smart Tvs 55-inch January 2022: Reviews by NPGTech Consumers Reports

It is a perfect time to enhance your home entertainment experience and for a lot of individuals, the best smart Tvs 55-inch can be the leading size. In the other words, we have analyzed the shortlist of the best smart TVs to carry you a particular rundown of the ideal 55-inch television sets at this time.

best 55-inch televisions are the sweet spot from 50-inch to 65-inch televisions – better than the former, more able to suit for the narrow space than the latter. Moreover, it is a particularly common size currently that more people are experiencing high display and 4K content.

Get the time to ensure your option of television brings the connections you want and the attribute assistance to enjoy the better streaming services. You might take a rest guaranteed all the better sets convey leading images when others arrive with enhanced television speakers or soundbars to provide the leading quality sound. In brief, let’s follow us to select the best smart TVs 55-inch for your lovely house.

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Smart TVs 55-Inch Purchasing guide

The beneficial tips of picking out the best smart TVs 55-inch

Our television purchasing tip can split down the primary elements which might go into buying a new set, as taking the television is a high priority. It is a high-tech piece you want to possess for some years which is why you need to ensure you are selecting the best smart TVs 55-inch for you.

Initially, try to clarify out whether you are locked into the 55-inch set. Just since it is the huge size which meets on the wall or television stand could not mean that it is suitable for the room. Besides, take into consideration if the 55-inch television might suit the space well.

If you need more colors, obtain one of the HDR sets with Dolby Vision compatibility above. That cutting-edge tech is capable of conveying a lot of colors and contrast levels and better brightness. It might make a set costly, but it ensures you will even be impressed with television as the Dolby Vision format feels to be improving momentum.

The next item to care about is port offerings. Other sets above sport three HDMI ports, whereas some get double or four. In brief, more ports are better, particularly if you get a collection of input gadgets such as game consoles.

The way of testing the best smart TV 55-inch

Examining the ideal 55-inch televisions is a whole process. We put each television via the custom lab test, measuring the color gamut and color precision or brightness to directly realize which sets are ideal for those main indicators. We even check for lag time, measuring to the millisecond how long it gets for content to travel from the source to the screen. We can take those outcomes to make numbers-based comparisons around the display quality.

On top of it, we take some hours with every set to realize how our lab shows translate into anecdotal efficiency. We even compare the competing sets by taking the content’s range via some sources. From the information, we might let you know which televisions seem great, sound best, and provide the ideal watching experience.

Sure. We even care about the smart television features and applications for every television, glancing at anything between the remote control design and the voice interaction.

Best smart TVs 55-inch Reviews

1. TCL 55-inch 6-Series 4K Roku Smart TV

The TCL 6-Series Roku television provides huge value for its reasonable cost, supplying ultimate image quality and a better smart television experience for much less than the competition. Since the TCL’s ideal mainstream smart television the R635 ups the ante with tiny-LED backlighting in addition to QLED. The outcome is fancy color and brightness with most of the ideal high dynamic range performance we have witnessed on anything that side of the OLED display.

However, the TCL maintains to convey a lot, like THX game mode, that stimulates the six-Series one of the ideal gaming televisions at this time, even for yet-to-be-produced consoles such as Xbox X and PS5. From the intelligent touches of structure, like cable control for the stand to the regularly-sturdy Roku television platform, this version is the ideal TV value and it is not even close.


  • It offers outstanding QLED and LED displays.
  • The gaming efficiency is better.
  • Roku television provides a big application option.
  • The Roku remote is fabulous.


  • The sound is not as good as you think.
  • Roku can be missed from some latest applications.

2. Sony XBR-55A9G 55-inch TV

The Sony XBR mixes the panel with Sony’s image and seems intelligent, and can so to outstanding effect. It is quite slimy, even though purchasers might note that the feet are positioned at the screen’s edge so that you will want a big stand to serve it.

Another impressive thing is that you could not need is the soundbar, when Sony takes actuators which vibrate the screen vitally switching the display into a huge and flat speaker. This version matches double of those actuators with double subwoofers. It is a neat trick and does perfectly.

When it comes to the particular connections, or cutting edge attributes, containing assistance for the vital HDR image formats. However, the real excitement is discovering just how sturdily the Sony XBR does during it arrives with image or audio. It shows realism, conveying the subtle, but vibrant image without sacrificing the colors. Quick movement can be handled with aplomb as well. In truth it seems super great from television standards, and you get one of the ideal 55-inch televisions we have checked in better memory.


  • This smart TV offers a dynamic image.
  • It provides high movement handling.
  • The sound is good.


  • It lacks the next-gen HDMI attributes.
  • The leading contrast pictures do not have enough punch.

3. SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED Q90T Series

This version is a mildly tricky proposition. It is the leading 4K television in Samsung’s 2020 television range, but as an outcome of the plant’s increased concentrate on 8K versions, it’s even less of the flagship version than many years ago.

The downside’s whiff can be bound to make alarm bells ringing, but it is seldomly sensible to make decisions from the spec sheet alone. And so it shows out there: this Samsung QLED Q90T is an outstanding television and a substituted option for its OLED opponents.

Buyers of the console will enjoy the attribute set that contains eARC, HFR, and VRR. The Q90T even brings the input lag for around 11ms and the double of gaming-particular image attributes which might smooth motion and boost up the shadow detail.

Lastly, it is good for films or television as well. The detail or sharpness is outstanding and the delivery might be punchy. As for audio, it brings a balanced sound with high dynamic subtlety and a better mixture of directness.


  • It is quite punchy.
  • The operating system is great.
  • It offers high-quality sound.


  • The color is not excellent.

4. Hisense H8 Quantum Series Android 4K ULED Smart TV

The next smart TV that we want to bring to you is Hisense Class H8. On the other hand, it is suitable for binging on HDR content. It brings a gentle design that meets into the settings, with a better stand which assists the television well. Moreover, it brings a leading contrast rate which is particularly improved from the full-array local dimming attribute, permitting it to create the deep blacks for a better darkroom watching experience.

Next, it might convey a fabulous HDR experience. It shows a better color gamut with excellent DCI P3 color space’s coverage, and it is incredibly bright enough to produce highlights that stand out the path which the designers intended. It tackles reflections amazingly perfectly in the bright rooms and deals with glare simply. The cheapest 55-inch TV brings an outstanding response time to convey authentic movement in quick-moving sceneries and the black frame insertion attribute which enhances clarity so far.

Like other VA panel televisions, it brings narrow watching angles so that it is not perfect for huge rooms with huge seating arrangements. It shows the 120Hz panel, but it could not get any HDMI 2.1 ports and might particularly show the 4K signal around 60Hz. The android television interface is particularly user-friendly, and you might summon the Google Assistant via voice control if you want assistance. In general, it is a flexible television which does better for each kind of content and one that other individuals might be delighted with.


  • It can alter the home into the powerhouse with Dolby vision HDR image.
  • The local dimming areas convey a leading HDR experience.
  • The build quality of this best cheap 55 inch TV is fabulous.


  • The remote is even not backlit.

5. Samsung Q70 Series 55-Inch Smart TV

The last version that you have to focus on is Samsung Q70. It mixes the quantum-dot high-quality image, intelligent attributes, and better object tracking sound to make one of the most formidable QLED sets as well. We particularly enjoyed the set’s outstanding color quality and HDR efficiency, even though you will accept that Samsung TVs do not provide Dolby Vision assistance. The next better attribute? When it comes to Samsung’s voice assistance, you might install the television with Google or Alexa with an intelligent speaker.

Last but not least, it is a leading option for you at this time. Let’s make a plan to purchase it as soon as possible.


  • It offers rich contrast.
  • The object tracking sound operates effectively.
  • This TV can help you experience the high 4K upscaling.
  • Tizen television is as good as it takes.


  • The darkness quality is not stable.


1. Will the smart TV 55-inch operate without the internet connection?

Sure. You might take it as the standard TV and you could even experience the applications installed on it which can not request the internet. For instance, you might use it to enjoy games that do not request the internet and even binge on films that have already been downloaded.

2. Could my television spy on me?

Maybe. The television producer can be obtaining the information and taking it for purpose ads. On the other hand, reports have recommended that smart televisions might be hacked, thanks to their security flaws.

If you need to prevent it, move deep via the television’s commands’ list and switch off anything which shows its hearing to you or conveying data back to its home company, for instance, smart interactivity.

3. Can smart televisions 55-inch need the antivirus?

Smart television is technically a computer, and of course, it might be affected by the virus. However, based on the realistic standpoint, you will realize that there are not going to be any anti-virus systems which implement for television. You will get to hack the television on your own and set up the operating system, perhaps the Linux so as to load software that is not written by the television’s producer.

Next, the kind of applications that are in the television are pre-installed during the television is bought, or set up through the authorized updates from the television producer, thus, those can be tested to guarantee without malicious coding is in the applications. For the virus to infect something it could not want the web browser, it wants the form of operating system platform to implement the commands on and the capability to use particular bits to fool the client, like making windows which seem like keylogging.

4. Is it worth purchasing the smart television 55-inch?

The answer is to boil down to what you want to use the television for. Smart televisions are fabulous due to the applications and games, the capability to record shows, and voice controls. However, those are particular dangers combined with smart television and you want to understand them before making a conclusion to the best one. As mentioned early, the security risks are a lot even though ways to defeat them are even limited, smart televisions can not vitally get smart interfaces and the television applications, for instance, the games are untrustworthy as well.

5. What is the distinction between the standard TV and smart TV?

The key distinction is that the smart television might access the Wifi and execute applications like the smartphone while the standard television can not. Smart television might use the Internet that is the key source of media content like we experience on Youtube.

You might transform the standard television to smart television by taking gadgets such as Chromecast. Those gadgets are the tiny flash drive’s dimension which plugs in the television’s HDMI port. It might be connected to the home Wifi and smartphone. In addition to that, it permits you to screen the content from the cell phone to television. It is like the phone taking a huge display, and it brings other benefits over the smart television.

6. Could the smart TV 55-inch crush like the personal computer?

Of course. The smart televisions request the computer chips to juggle video processing, various screens, and the internet connection. They even take the memory to buffer streaming video or music. In addition to that, it will need extra processing power to handle the graphics. Straightforwardly switching the smart television off and then on particularly handles the matters of crushing.

7. Could you browse the web on smart television?

Some top 55-inch TVs make you go online, and will support the web browser among the pre-installed applications which arrive with the television. Those browsers might not be precisely like the desktop web browsers, but they are a bit compatible with the HTML standards which all websites use, and are capable of transforming and displaying these sites appropriately on the huge screen. You will, but want the wireless keyboard as using the remote control is quite hectic.

8. Can the smart TVs get a great image and sound quality?

Not essentially. However, as the producers firstly added smart television attributes to more pricey, higher-end televisions, you will realize that the image and sound quality on some smart TVs beat that of low-cost versions which do not have enough smarts.

9. Could the smart televisions access the local channels?

Smart television services or attributes do not have an influence on the television’s performance to obtain the local stations. If you get the cable or satellite service, you can keep going to receive similar stations.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that you can purchase the best smart TVs 55-inch on the current market as soon as reading this article. Last but not least, do not forget to reply to us if possible. Thank you!