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23 Best Rated Charging Stations January 2022: Reviews by NPGTech Consumers Reports

The article was rated by The Frugal Fairy 23 Charging Stations with the best brands in the field such as: One Beat, Anker, NEXGADGET, Nexwell, SOOPII, Hercules Tuff, Poweroni, Powstick, MSTJRY, RELAXYO, seenda, WAITIEE, Houtingmaan, VOGEK, ZQW, HANYCONY, BULL, POWLAKEN, JoyGeek, QI-EU, OLEBR, ....

Most individuals get more than a single gadget that wants topping off on a routine life, which all very regularly descends into the mouse’s nest of charging cables strewn around your lovely house. Our group of the ideal charging stations might assist in carrying a little to the chaos frequently associated with different gadgets which want what regularly seems like stable recharging. Charging stations might take a wide range of wireless or wired ports and a series of splitters to make things clean. All of the charging stations come packaged with a wide range of charging cables to make the gadget topped off.

You might even seek wireless charging pads or quick chargers which might top up smartphones or different gadgets quickly without getting to fiddle with various cables. Apart from those attributes, you might even need to care about what protections the charging station has built-in. You need the station which might determine what is plugged in and offer better power without overcharging.

When it comes to the best charging stations that contain proper cords, you might test out our suggestions for the smartphone charging cables. Otherwise, scan on to seek the perfect charging stations to purchase.

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Charging Stations Buying Guide

Beneficial hints of selecting the best-charging stations

To seek the best-charging stations for you, there are some questions to ask. Here are even particular attributes which you can care about before you purchase.

How many gadgets do you want to charge?

The initial thing to operate while you are browsing for the best-charging stations for the devices is how many ports you want. Next, you have to count up the smartphones, smartwatches, and any various gadgets which want regular charging. Keep in mind that you will even want to charge cables for each one.

Not some ports are made equal

As you will realize while you chase up this instruction, a lot of charging stations provide a combination of ports. You should seek the USB-A or USB-C, and you can even realize that other ports can charge quicker than others. It is even popular for charging stations to get other ports that assist specific charging standards and others that don’t.

Obtain the correct cables

You might usually take the charging cable equipped with the gadget, but if you are purchasing new cables, ensure that they are suitable for the target. Search for better safe cables which might convey the charging rate you need.

Where can you place the charging station?

Imagine where you want to place the charging station and care about what size you might accommodate. You will want the wall outlet handy and space to rest the gadgets when they can juice up. It is a great initiative to select somewhere out of path since there could be the cables’ tangle. We get one on the bookcase in the landing and the next tucked away below the side table at the end of the couch into the lounge. We even take the magnetic cable tidy which assists us rapidly find the strange cable’s end and makes items from being very messy.

Is charging ratio crucial?

For users planning to plug in overnight, we claim that some points can pay a premium for quick charging, but if you need to be capable of topping up rapidly, or a charging ratio occurs. Test what charging standards the smartphone or various gadget assists and search for the charging station which might convey. There is USB power delivery or a wide range of various producer-particular charging techs.

Test the safety attributes and warranty

You will be plugging other most prized possessions inside the selected charging station so that it is quite crucial to care about safety. Affordable, or the strange chargers might fail, or ruin the gadgets and lead to the fire. You need to go with reliable brands, examine the reviews, or search for safeguards covering surges. It is even a great initiative to test the warranty or check individuals’ experiences with client assistance before you purchase.

Best Charging Stations Reviews

1. Hercules Tuff Charging Station for Multiple Devices

The first charging station that you should focus on is Hercules Tuff. In the other words, this station organizer is derived from various gadgets to connect with some particular short cables containing phones, tablets, and various electronics. It can connect six gadgets at once and charge them for the highest efficiency in chasing up with productivity.

The cables included are for iPhone 5 and one type-C or the six-foot AC power cord. It brings baffles that are removable for adjustable width customizations but get the spacing of over 0.75 of the inch which permits for the smartphone supported with an influence case to meet simply.

On top of it, the Hercules’ station brings a state-of-the-art attribute that brightens the baffles up blue when charging is active or moves out while finished. It might be so beneficial to understand the circumstance of the gadget with only a look, while hands are even free to go on operating. Lastly, it arrives with a year warranty towards errors to ensure the purchaser they might buy with tenacity in the quality.


  • It can charge mobile phones up to 85% quicker than various chargers.
  • There are a lot of cables for you to select.
  • The refundable and warranty policies are great.
  • It can charge various gadgets perfectly.


  • It might sometimes heat up.

2. USB Charger RAVPower 60W 12A 6-Port 

This RAVPower charging station includes six ports of a USB desktop charging station which is entirely compatible with smartphones and other tablets. This version is seen as leading quality and trustworthy by over a million clients across the globe. It can charge most smartphones, tablets, or any mixture of the double with six 2.4A ports. It might charge quickly with an approximately 60W power supply which generates around 12A output.

Besides, it supports 240V input for world flexibility and a 60W AC power cord which permits for better reach to fit different circumstances. The iSmart safety attribute can define quickly single charging requests to avoid short-circuit and overcharging. That charger arrives with the fire-resistant case or the 18-month warranty which might also be expanded with more extra 12 months by enrolling it with the client service of the producer.


  • It has a long power cable.
  • It can charge some gadgets so rapidly.
  • The size is very handy for travel.


  • The unit is a bit slippery.

3. Vogek 50W Charging Station for Multiple Devices

Another mobile charging station on our list is Vogek 50W. It is a 5-port charging station which arrives with a sum of 8 cables to charge phones, Airpods and more. It arrives with four lightning cables, and double micro USB cables, permitting it to charge until 5 gadgets at the same time. The cables are quite short and decreasing clutter and permitting you to sort your gadgets easily.

The sum of power output is around 50W, and 10A output for quick charging, and every port might output 2A. The charging station might even particularly determine the gadget connected and their charging requests, conveying a better amount of power without overcharging. 


  • It offers useful USB charging ports.
  • The capacity of 50W is good for quick charging.
  • It arrives with more cables for different gadgets.


  • Other cables might attempt to be longer.

4. Seneo Wireless Charger, 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station 

This Seneo charging station for Apple gadgets makes it better to entirely charge some various Apple gadgets at the same time in a positive way within 4 hours. In this case, the charging station is supported with iPhones and even Airpods.

Next, displaying the magnetic design and might use the USB-type C charging port to divide power to the 7.5W Qi-approved wireless charging stand for iPhone and the station for Airpods. When the latter might be detached for single usage and permits the iWatch to turn quickly to nightstand mode, the former provides either horizontal or vertical charging for iPhones to distribute a handy viewing angle.

The simple or sleek-to-carry design that equips the black matte anti-slippery surface shows LED signals to understand the charging condition, and the compartment to make the cables of the iWatch or the Airpods hidden and save space on the desk. Also, it is assisted with ATB cutting edge tech to guarantee that all gadgets are safe from rises in temperature and over-voltage. In reality, both QC2.0 and the original apple watch magnetic charger are supported, and all of them are possible for the ideal charging experience. However, for an additional expense, the charging station is conveyed with the quick charge 3.0 adapter.


  • It is usable for charging iPhone and AirPods.
  • The build quality is outstanding.
  • The efficiency of the best apple charging station is great.


  • Some users find it difficult to rotate the AirPods connector.

5. Powlaken Wireless Charging Station 

The final charging station that you should grab in the future is Powlaken. In the other words, this portable charging station for camping can sit on the expensive end of the scale, but this charger is ideal for clients looking to meet all the Apple gadgets onto a single unit.

When you might go with the capability to power up the Apple Watch (in nightstand mode); it’s even worth highlighting that the phone portion of the dock is installed for quick wireless charging, might you get the correct adapter. 

If you are a regular traveler, the dock even folds away while not in use, simply propping back up during it is time to charge the collection. 


  • It is compatible with Airpods Pro.
  • It is convenient for traveling.
  • The cable is long enough for some cases.
  • It is portable to carry and use.


  • Users should adjust it horizontally to seek the charging spot.


1. What is the smart USB charging station tech?

Those days, there is a wide range of various USB charging stations which might use intelligent tech. Some chargers which can not provide it will often minimum get a particular number of ports for various amperage so that it is a great initiative to test out the gadgets’ specs. That solution you might usually take the USB port which can best fit every device.

Next, the USB ports of the tiny charger all get a similar amperage. Based on the kind of gadget you want to connect, it might boost up the amperage to the highest level assisted. It is specifically beneficial for individuals who regularly charge a lot of gadgets at the same time or for individuals who need rapid charging time. 

2. What are the most crucial specs of the best-charging stations?

It is crucial to care about the technical specs during selecting the USB home charging station. Those are the voltage and wattage. Keep calm if you do not understand those kinds of power ratings, they might simply be known as follows.

The initial spec of the USB charging station is the voltage. The volt is the unit made to measure electrical voltage. Other USB charging stations get the voltage around 5V. However, it might change, particularly in quick chargers that could meet up to 20V.

The next spec of the USB charging station is the amperage. The amount measuring current intensity is tested through amps. It is the highest intensity level of power that might be supplied through charging. The quick-charging tech permits the intensity to control the gadget’s amperage.

The last spec of the USB charging station is the wattage. The unit utilized to test the overall power rating is the Watt. To charge or power some gadgets at once, a high wattage is requested to guarantee that sufficient amperage is available.

3. What is quick charge tech?

Currently, there are a lot of smartphones that incorporate the Quick charge tech. Other USB charging stations can get one or double ports, determined from their color which supports that attribute. These days, this tech is built-in inside the rising number of gadgets so that it is a great initiative to seek the version which provides it on at least one of the USB ports. 

4. Are all gadgets convenient to use with the USB charging station?

Sure. You do not need to be anxious about the gadgets being ruined from the USB charging station. At this moment, you might also make some bucks and buy the charger which uses the smart tech that customizes the amperage to the linked gadget for the quick possible charge time.

Producers have raised more effort into strengthening systems that provide full protection for any kind of gadget. A wide range of versions is built to deal with overloading.

5. Why is the USB-type C charging station beneficial?

The USB Type-C ports are beneficial in the recent versions of smartphones. It can take the connector so that you might go with the cable any which way. It even offers a quicker data transfer ratio during reducing the charging time. Next, selecting the USB-type C charging station provides all those great benefits.

USB-type C can bring a higher power load or might also be utilized to charge some laptops. When connectors are not compatible backward, the standards are the recent cables or adapters might usually be used with traditional gadgets.

Closing Ideas

With all options out here it might take some seconds to buy which is the ideal charging station for your desk. Last but not least, our post has offered insight into the main distinctions between them and assisted you in choosing which one to purchase. Stay tuned and stick with the best-charging stations in the future.   

  • Best value charging station: Hercules Tuff.
  • Best overall charging station: RAVPower
  • Best for multiple devices charging station: Vogek 50W
  • Best for Apple gadgets charging station: Seneo
  • Best portable charging station: Powlaken